History of the New Oxford Social and Athletic Club


The New Oxford Social & Athletic Club was organized and incorporated on March 2, 1936. Signing the corporation papers were Charles Carbaugh, Allen Hockensmith, Fred G. Klunk, James Myers, Norman A. Overbaugh, Charles W. Rinehart Sr., Arthur Soullaird, Cyril Staub, and James Small. The above were also appointed as officers and directors of the club until an election could be held with Fred Klunk being appointed the first president.

The first place of business was located in the old theater building on Lincoln Way West. In 1939 it was moved to the Chris Glass property on Hanover Street. Then on Nov. 5th, 1950 it moved to their 3rd location on Golden Lane. After some time the Club purchased the vacant lot to the west and north of this location, approximately 12 acres. In 1979 the pavilion was built on this land, and finally on April 6th, 2000 the present day Club was opened.

The Club started business in 1936 with approximately 30 members, and has now increased to more than 3000 at the present time. The Club has been active in community affairs, supporting charitable organizations, and local sports activities.